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How to Bet the Point Spread

February 16, 2017
How to Bet the Point Spread

What is a point spread?

Before you can place a bet on the point spread you first need to understand what it is. If you are reading this article then you have probably tried to understand this way of betting before, and you’ve failed. So here is a brief explanations of point spread as simply as I can put it. It is still really difficult to understand point spread betting unless you are a gambling expert or a mathematician, but here it is.

How to Bet the Point Spread

The spread means that a bookie places a point value on a game that you then bet against or for. Let me try to explain. Let’s say that a bookie decides the point spread is 4 for a game between a basketball team from LA like the Lakers and the Houston Rockets, With LA being the favorite to win because they are currently undefeated. In this scenario the LA team is called the favorite while the Houston team is the underdog. So you decide to place a bet on Houston to win. In the end the score is 10 to 13 in favor of LA, so ordinarily this would mean that you lost the bet but point spread may work in your favor, the spread given by the bookie was 4 which means the underdog team is given 4 extra points by the bookie, so 10 + 4=14 14 is greater than the LA score of 13 so you’ve won the bet.

Point spread betting is based on giving the underdog team an advantage while giving the favorited team a handicap and since bookies make a commission with this type of bet since they act as a third part, point spread is beneficial to both the bookie and the gambler, though for the gambler there is more of an element of chance involved.

Winning and Losing

Now let’s go to the flipside, say you are a LA Lakers fan and they are the prohibitive favorite so you bet that they will win by a 2-point margin. In this scenario the final score is 15 to 10 in favor of the Lakers, so they won by 5 points but you still have the 4 point spread and in the case of the favorite it is deducted from the score. So you take the score of 15 and minus 4, 15-4=11 so now LA has only won by 1 point so you lost the bet. This may still be hard to understand but really all you need to remember is that gambling is always designed to benefit the house not the gambler.

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Online Casino

How Do Live Casino Games Work

February 11, 2017
How Do Live Casino Games Work

A vast majority of online casinos offer you provide you with the option of playing a live casino. This means that instead of playing with the computer, you play with a real dealer. This will give you a more authentic experience which will make you feel like you are involved in the action.

The difference between Live Casino Games and Other Casino Games

There is a significant difference between a live casino game and other casino games. Despite the fact that the rules of the game will be the same, playing a live casino will strengthen the feeling that you are involved in the game. When you launch the game, you will get a live video of your dealer standing by a real blackjack table, roulette or the furniture which goes with the game you choose to play, in an environment which befits the description of a real casino. In some cases, several players will be at the table simultaneously, but they are playing at home just like you.

So how do I play a live Casino Game?

You play a live casino game the same way you would play an automated casino game which works with a random number generator. Choose the game you want to play and click on it. You then enter the lobby for you to see the current betting levels for that particular game. You will only start playing when you select the table providing betting levels that you are comfortable with, but you will also have to choose a spot that is free. Whenever there is a new round starting, it is your opportunity to join a new game. Place your bet by selecting the denomination of the chip you want to bet, click on the betting box on the table, and that is it.

But How Does it Work?

As you expect a dealer managing tables in any real live casino to work, so are how dealer table work live. Taking roulette, for instance, you will see the croupier set the wheel in motion at regular intervals and will not wait for a player to place their bets.

Together with the screen of the live dealer, an interactive control panel which enables you to place wagers on a virtual betting table, communicate with the dealer, check your account balance, look at previous betting hands and read the instructions on how to play. There is a big tip box, like you would find in a real casino, for players who have been lucky repeatedly and want to share the same.  Here is a video so you have a better idea how it works.

Some casinos will require that you download some software to play their games. For others, their games are available and accessible through the browser. You have to choose what will be convenient to you.

If it is something to go by, live casinos are as close as you can get to that real deal of mortar and bricks casino and are meant to exude that adrenaline rush not forgetting the higher chances of success for you.

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